HAGEN 24 – 26 APRIL 2009

Oliver and Corvette had a fantastic show in Hagen with clear rounds throughout the show and ended by coming 4th in the Youngster Tour with a double clear round.  This young horse is certainly showing his worth and doing Oliver Proud.

Cassiano Z had a fair show too having a good clear in the Big Tour coming 15th from 95 starters.

LUMMEN 9 – 12 APRIL 2009

Both Corvette and Goofy had a good show in Lummen, Corvette having clear rounds during the show in the Youngster Tour and finishing 6th in the Youngster Finals out of 76 horses.  Goofy was not so lucky, having a pole in the qualifier.

DORTMUND 27 – 29 MARCH 2009

Oliver and his young horse Corvette finished 6th in the Youngster Tour on Friday Night and qualified for the Youngster Final finishing with 2 poles down.  Oliver his very happy with this youngster’s progress.  He had a good show on Cassiano Z with just a pole in each class and finished 16th in the Grand Prix today.



Oliver took Corvette 21 to Braunschweig being his first big competition and qualified for the final of the Youngster Tour.    He also took Cassiano Z and finished 14th out of 54 starters in the qualifier to the Grand Prix  and had 2 poles down in the 1.55m Grand Prix.


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Well what a fantastic week end we have had at Bremen – started with Oliver's young horse CORVETTE 21 giving Ol three fantastic rounds and though not placed it was his first indoor International Show and he was clear and jumping so easily and relaxed – we are absolutely thrilled with him.

Ol then took Cassiano Z (Goofy) into the Mitsubishi Euroclassic Highlight 1.50 jump off class late on Saturday night, which was extremely technical and difficult, with some very high penalty scores with the riders. He  was one from the last out of the 53 starters – he had a cracking clear (only 9 went to jump off) and then was last to go – there was only one clear before him and he decided to go for it – he flew and it was very moving to see Goofy in the spotlight with our national anthem and SA flag being hoisted up for the presentation.



The organiser introduced Ol to some of his German fan club (we had no idea they were there until we saw some SA flags and screaming girls in the audience)!  They were so supportive and have a sort of grey fleece hooded jacket with TEAM LAZARUS on their backs – we were really touched.


Fantastic result at Bordeaux World Cup with Goofy on Saturday 7 February 2009- after a sizzling jump off Ol came 2nd by .06 seconds in the Championaat Big class, it was just so close and towards the end of the class.  Great result.

Oliver went on to the show in Vigo from 12 – 15 February where unfortunately Ol pulled his damaged/repaired shoulder and therefore could not compete in World Cup.  He did however compete  in the Grand Prix on the Sunday with just a couple of poles down.

GOOD NEWS  – after a very disquieting and disturbed time Oliver is back with Ludger  Beerbaum and is delighted to still be with the best.


MUNSTER  January 2009.  Oliver rode in the Puissance with one of Denis Lynch’ horses, Johnny Blunt and came 4th jumping the wall with only one rein as the other snapped on the approach and Johnny started napping but cleared the wall easily at 2.05m.  He also came 6th in the speed event with the young Stallion, Cezanne.


landcircus-2008Oliver’s first show after his successful shoulder operation was Mechelen at the end of December 2008.  Oliver and Land Circus came a fantastic 6th in Mechelen in the 6 Bar clearing a height of 2.05m


Exciting happenings for 2009 – Oliver has been approached by Denis Lynch, the Irish rider to ride as his first rider, still based in Germany in Munster (infact about 45 minutes from Ludgers).  Oliver will still be competing with his own horses at top level but will have the added exposure of competing on a number of Denis’ and his sponsors horses.  This is exactly what Oliver has been hoping for and a golden opportunity to broaden his horizons.

Oliver would like to take this opportunity to thank Ludger Beerbaum for his kindness and support throughout his years with him and for giving him the chance to develop and excel at such a high level.  Oliver will never forget the opportunity Ludger gave him and is still very much a LUDGER fan.

On another note Oliver’s shoulder operation he had in Cape Town in November 2008 was very successful and he is now rearing to go for the New Year with plenty of shows in the offering.


23 – 26 October 2008 – Oliver went to Hannover Show  where we had mixed results.  Goofy took 2 down in the qualifiers and therefore just missed by one qualifier to go forward to the GP  which was a disappointment, but Goofy  was not on his best form this last week end.  Land Circus however did Oliver proud, was a bit hot in the warm up as he has never been in an indoor arena before, so Oliver entered him in the 6 Bar (expecting nothing from him, may be clearing the first round) and he won – final height it went to and he cleared was 1.95m – so that was a thrill and of course the crowd love that class, even if it is on at midnight on the Friday night!!!


Oliver had a fleeting visit to South Africa at the beginning of October to join up with his friends and celebrate his 21st Birthday.  This was the only gap that he could take in his busy show schedule as when he returns on 13 October he has to get his horses ready to go to the German Classics at HANNOVER.

20 September 2008 –  Oliver has had a fantastic show at one of the most prestigious shows in Germany, DONAUESCHINGEN.  On Land Circus he finished 8th in the warm up class and finished 9th in the Final.  Cassiano Z was in spectacular form and came 3rd in the qualifier for the Grand Prix.  They excelled in the Grand Prix to finish 2nd to Marcus Ehning – The only two riders to have a double clear round from a field of 35 horses.  Marcus was clear in 49.95 sec and Oliver had a clear in 50.46 sec.  Meredith Michaels Beerbaum finished in 3rd place.

Cassiano Z 2nd at Donaueschingen September 2008

15 September 2008 – Oliver has just returned from a very good show in Paderborn, which is part of the Riders Tour.  He took his new young horse, Corvette 21 on his first outing and qualified for the final in the Youngsters Tour and finished a credible 13th from 45 starters.    He also had a good show on Land Circus, a horse that Oliver is riding from David McPherson, where he came 5th in the Big Tour and qualified for the final.  Oliver was very happy with his performance as this is only his second time out .

Corvette 21

After a fabulous win with Crocket 18 in Bremen on Sunday 24 February 2008. The next big show was in Braunschweig in early March where Oliver and Cassiano Z came second in the Final. In Dortmund in mid march Oliver and Cassiano Z came 13th in the international class.



In April Oliver took one of Ludger's young 8 year old mares, Excelle Z and she came 4th in the M class in Badenhausen.  He also took Woytyla (another youngster of Ludger's and a favourite of Ol's) and they WON their M class with a super clear round. Ludwig 151 (Marco Kutcher's youngster) Ol also rode and came 8th in the M class. In the Grand Prix Cassiano Z did a sizzling jump off and they came 2nd. The next big show was HORSES & DREAMS in Hagen – where Cassiano Z had a incredibly fast jump off but took a pole and was good enough for 8th place in the Grand Prix. In the Youngster Tour Woytyla got a credible 16th place. Sadly Ludwig was sold just after Ol and him came 2nd in the Riesenbeck annual Champs – sad to see him go.

woytyla-2008 visit this

Then it was off on a long tour firstly down to the wonderful city of Rome for their annual show – sadly due to the terrific rains Oliver decided not to jump Crocket as he was worried about the going. Anyway he had an excellent show, coming 4th in the Six Bar with Excelle Z and then coming 2nd in the Puissance with her, the wall was standing at 2.15m high!!!(see photos) Goofy came 8th in the 1.50m class against the clock and 15th in the Final Tour. After this super show we had a long truck trip to beautiful St Gallen in Switzerland where it was Crocket's turn. Oliver brought him back gently after a long break in the smaller class and came 16th and with Excelle 14th in the 145m class.

      Excelle ZS winning Puissance in Rome 2008

Back home after a long and tiring trip and then set off for a truely special show in Germany, Norten Hardenberg – it is a very picturesque castle town and the show is SO well organised, you have never seen fireworks like it in your life at the party!!! Anyway Excelle Z was 8th in the small class, Goofy was 9th and 11th in his big classes and Crocket 18, back on form, with a 14th place in the Grand Prix. So truly excellent results and the team on form.


goofy-in-norton-hartenberg      crocket-in-norton-hartenberg      Crocket 18 in the wonderful arena at Norten Hartenberg      Cassiano Z at Norden Hardenburg      Cassiano Z at Norten Hartenberg Summer 2008      Norten Hardenburg