jerry-in-munich-2009jerry-munich-2009A very good show for Oliver and his horses:  Goofy qualified for the Grand Prix and on Waldman Doo he came 4th in the Munich Indoor Trophy, this new team getting better and better


Jerry had 1 pole down in his first class 1.40m Competition in 2 phases while Goofy had a lovely clear round in his warm up class finishing 8th from 47 starters.

On Saturday 17th October in the Youngster Cup Billy had a couple of poles down while Goofy continued his good form finishing 15th in the Big Tour Competition 1.50m


Oliver qualified on a couple of Ludger’s youngsters for the Bundeschampionate in  Warendorf, Germany  – On Wednesday 2 September he came 2nd on Cosmos with a score of  8.7 and 3rd on Copperfield with 8.5.  This was in a class of 148 5 year olds.  On Thursday Quiro went clear with a score of 7.6 as has qualified for the semi final 6 year olds on Friday.  In the semi-finals for the 5 year olds Copperfield came 4th with 8.4 and Cosmos came 18th with 8.3 out of a field of 88 horses, both qualified for the top 25 final on Sunday – best youngsters in the world – Ludger is very pleased with the young horses performance.  On Sunday both Horses did well and were placed mid field in the final.

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Copperfield at the Bundes Championship Cosmos at the Bundes Championship


OLIVER  rode his new horse from the USA, Connery into the Youngsters Tour (1.40m), first round clear and fast and second round took the last pole, and was very pleased with his performance.  He was fast off the ground and made the course easy.

Billy de Laubry (Billy) also from the USA took a pole in the  first round in the 1.50m class and then 1 pole in each of the 1.45m classes.  As this was his first indoor show he coped really well with the pressure and has huge scope

Connery went clear in 1.35m Youngster cup and Ol was pleased with his performance


Oliver had a fantastic show at Munster Riders Tour CSI4* this weekend.  He only took Goofy as he felt he was really on form and trying around the courses. After the warm up class he then qualified easily for the GP on the Saturday, getting a place – 13th in it with a very smooth round.  Sunday the GP was a big course and Goofy went getviagranoprescription really well, good enough for 16th, one unlucky pole down in good time, but giving his full heart so we are well pleased and also qualifying to go to Kentucky for the WEG!

GERA 23-26 JULY 2009

A very successful show was had at Gera in Germany with Goofy and Rocketman.  Goofy came 8th from 49 starters in the Gold Tour and Ludger's young horse Rocketman came 5th in two classes in the Silver Tour.

STEINHAGEN 18 – 19 JULY 2009

Oliver has had a very successful National show in Steinhagen this weekend riding Ludger Beerbaum’s young horses picking up a 3rd on Lena and a 5th  on Cosmos and having only 1 pole down with Rocketman in the Grand Prix.


Oliver took Ludgers two young horses to Geesteren in Holland and achieved double clear rounds on both Arabella and Rocketman



A very successful show this weekend at the beautiful and prestigious show in Norten Hardenburg.  Corvette is coming into his own and Oliver competed in the middle tour and was delighted with a double clear round earning 3rd place from over 50 starters.

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Cassiano Z Qualified for the 1.55m Grand Prix on Sunday and had a clear round, thereby giving Oliver his Qualification to the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010.  He had a pole in the jump off but was the fastest 4 faulter to finish 5th overall.  A fantastic result.

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Oliver has just returned from Balve, Germany where he took his own youngster, Corvette 21 to compete.  Corvette has been competing at International shows in the Youngster Tour with fantastic results – infact at Hagen International recently after two faultless rounds he qualified for the final and came 4th in the final there – this is a very prestigious show and a good testing ground to see how Corvette coped with the pressure – which he did magnificently.  Anyway at Balve Oliver decided to up his game with Corvette and entered him in the first two small tour classes which he handled well with only one pole down in each.  So Oliver took him on the final day into the medium final and had two perfect clear rounds – this is thrilling as it looks like Corvette is certainly able to hold his own and we must be careful not to be too ambitious with him as he shows such terrific scope.  Crocket has successfully had his stem cell treatment and we are only keeping him for the big ones once he is back on track.  Goofy has had a well earned rest and is now coming back into work, he had a disappointing GP in Balve but we are hoping it is because he needs to get back into the swing of things and does have to watch as he struggles with soft back tissue damage.

In the meantime Oliver is riding two of Ludger’s young 5 year old stallions and last week took them to a Bundes Qualifier – both qualified for the prestigious Championship later in the year so Ludger is well chuffed, as they were not overly optimistic the horses were upto it.