OPGLABBEEK, Belgium CSI2* 5.12 – 9.12.2018

Fabulous way to finish the year of showing – BIBISI, double clear, 18th out of 68 starters in 1.35m and then just one silly time penalty in the 1.40m CSI2* Lamicel Prix out of 98 starters finished 20th.

BUTTERFLY ENNEMMEL really coming into her own, 9th and clear in 1.35m out of 51 starters on Saturday 8th December and then on Sunday in the Youngster GP – double clear and 4th – she literally just grows in stature with each outing.

ANIMO CUP 2*, Sentower Park, Belgium 29.11 – 2.12.2018

First time out for DIABLESSE (our new 8 year old mare/Diarado x Mienheer) and placed 7th, clear in 140m out of 146 starters.

Both BIBISI and BUTTERFLY ENNEMMEL super rounds, though 2 and 1 time penalties respectively.

ROME, Italy CSI2* LONGINES Global Champions Tour 6 – 9 September 2018

Everything about this venue is just great – including our results:


BUTTERFLY ENNEMMEL – growing from strength to strength.  Double clears order of the weekend, placed 6th and 8th respectively in the 1.30’s and 8th in her 1.45 class – a machine.


First time for Bronwyn Dos Santos, BIBISI in the 1.45 GRAND PRIX and we nearly won, amazing fast time in the  jump off but penultimate jump cost a four penalty to finish 5th place,  Georgie and CHILLIPEPPER did an awesome round and finished 8th in the GP.



Well there has been no stopping our team this weekend in Valkenswaard.  First day Georgie and Que Sera won the 1.35m & 7th with Chillipepper and Bronwyn Short dos Santos’s young mare, Bibisi, 3rd with Oliver, first time out and the future star, Butterfly clear and 11th in her class.  Then exciting times for Ryan Watkinson whom Oliver is mentoring – first show and clear on Quattro to take 5th place in his 1.15m event.

Day 2 and more great results – Georgie and Chillipepper 6th in 1.35m.  Oli did the smoothest clear with Butterfly to bag an 8th place in 1.25m and Ryan and Quattro did it again – 6th this time.

And this show just kept getting better and better culminating with Oliver winning the CSI1* GRAND PRIX on Bronwyn Meredith Dos Santos’s, BIBISI with two sizzling clear rounds.  Georgie and Que Sera gave a nail biting  jump off to secure 6th place in the 1.35m.

Qinhuangdao, China 26 – 29 July 2018


Great results for Oliver in the BIG TOUR (1.50m+) – 3rd and 5th on a borrowed horse he had never ridden before.


Meanwhile back in Cape Town our stablers both won their dressage – Sarita du Toit with her own De Gaulle and Ella van den Bogaert with her special Geronimo at SDRC

BONHEIDEN CSI3*, Belgium 20 – 24 June 2018

BUTTERFLY ENAMEL really coming into her own, placed in her classes 5th and 11th in 1.30’s – all clear.  CAMPINO clear and placed 16th in 1.40m and little CHILLIPEPPER clear and placed 13th in 1.45m.

VALKENSWAARD CSI2*, Netherlands 14 – 16/21 – 23 May 2018

First show for our baby, LA LE LOUP, clear and placed 8th in first class,11th, 12th and 8th again in Final.   Also placed again in second week 10th in Young horses. Georgie and QUE SERA won her class and placed 5th with BAGHEERA BLUE.

Both BUTTERFLY & CAMPINO a pole in the GP but happy.  Meanwhile no stopping Georgie with the very special ANGEL FIRE – 2nd in her final.


MANNHEIM CSI3*, Germany 5 – 8 May 2018

Boiling hot sunshine and some testing big courses but was placed on first day, both clear for CAMPINO and CHILLIPEPPER.  Then super clear for CHILLI in his first 1.50m class.  CAMPINO showed excellent ridability in his first 1.60m GP on a blistering hot day.  Lovely show.


Oliver & the GREAT CAMPINO 344 winning the GP 1,50m




MEDITERRANEAN SPRING MET 2018 CSI3* – final weekend 29 March – 1 April 2018




CAMPINO 344 – 13th, Clear in GOLD 1.45m out of 87 starters

BUTTERFLY ENNEMMEL – 22nd, double clear in 1.25m out of 65 starters

ANGEL FIRE – 8th, double clear in GOLD 1.35m out of 35 starters

CAMPINO 344 – 1st WINNER of GOLD OLIVIA GP 1.50m, double clear out of 56

Super 3 weeks in Spain with a lot of success with our new team, Georgie been placed in just about every class – we are happy to go home after a great learning curve and lots of ring experience for our youngsters.

MEDITERRANEAN EQUESTRIAN TOUR – Oliva, Spain 12 March – 1 April 2018

The whole team is in Oliva, Spain for 3 weeks showing.  Great start for Georgie with her rides – BAGHEERA BLUE, CHILLIPEPPER and QUE SERA – placed in all her classes first weekend.  Very excited with our new prospect, BUTTERFLY ENNEMMEL, my French 7 year old mare who arrived last week (see above in our first warm up together here in Oliva).  This is a serious future competitor.

The very special ANGEL FIRE placed 5th, 6th and 9th respectively, all with double clear rounds in her three events so far – what a very talented and willing mare.  CAMPINO double clear and placed  in the GOLD 1.45m class and will slowly build him up over the coming weeks.


Meanwhile back in South Africa – Aviwe Molose, (Jackson) and our wonderful AFRICAN LILLIE attended Sandringham 3 phase eventing in CT  on 17 March 2018- they have already competed fully in another event in Noordhoek a few weeks ago and were clear in the country and show jumping again – this is a remarkable achievement for both newcomers to the sport.